UCF IM Sports has updated the standings for fraternities and sororities competing for the annual Greek Cup.

Phi Delta Theta is currently in the lead for fraternities with 481 total points, Zeta Beta Tau is in a close second with 463 points and Lambda Chi Alpha is in third with 417 points.

Alpha Delta Pi leads all sororities with 145 total points, Kappa Delta is in second with 110 points and Alpha Epsilon Phi is in a close third with 100 points.

Updated Greek Cup standings. Click to enlarge.
Updated Greek Cup standings. Click to enlarge.

This past fall, greek organizations across UCF have been competing in football, basketball, soccer and baseball in hopes of winning the Greek Cup at the end of spring. Each organization is awarded points for their victories and attendance at the monthly captain’s meetings.


In spring, the organizations will be facing off in a myriad of other sports including volleyball, softball, kickball, ultimate frisbee and more.

Phi Delta Theta is currently aiming to win their sixth consecutive Greek Cup and become the all-time greek organization leader in total Greek Cups. Four different sororities have won the Greek Cup over the past five years and if Alpha Delta Pi can hang on to their lead, it will be their first Greek Cup victory since 2008.

Competing for the Greek Cup has been a time-honored tradition for organizations at UCF, fraternities have been competing since 1994 and sororities have been competing since 1997.