UCF Engineering buildings I and II were evacuated Tuesday afternoon after reports of smoke from inside the Engineering I building.

After multiple fire trucks entered the scene and investigated inside the building, the situation was deemed safe after about an hour.

KnightNews.com talked Engineering Building manager Peter Alfieris who told KnightNews.com that there was no fire, just heavy smoke and the building was evacuated as a precaution.

“From what I found out from the fire department, there was an oil leak from one of our compressors, it seeped into one of our labs and obviously it smoked up,” Alfieris said.

There were no reported injuries or damages to the building, aside from the compressor, but UCF will evaluate to assess any other damage.

UCF spokesperson Courtney Gilmartin told KnightNews.com a student was working with the equipment when the smoke started to occur.

“A student was working in one of the labs in Engineering 1, there was a malfunction with the equipment and it caused some smoke,” Gilmartin said. “Orange County Fire responded and we cleared the scene in about an hour and the building reopened.”