When you arrive at a parking lot and cannot find a space. Do you:

  • Plan to stake-out in your car and creepily watch students walk towards their cars and quickly pull in after they leave.
  • Follow a student and stick your head out of your car window and ask where they parked.
  • Drive off to another lot because you’re already running ten minutes late.

A typical morning Monday includes:

  • Waking up, brushing your teeth, then getting dressed and rushing to the nearest Starbucks for your regular skim-milk latte.
  • Waking up early to eat a hearty breakfast- as you know, the most important meal of the day is breakfast.
  • Waking up late because you forgot to set your alarm clock the night before and quickly fall back to sleep (you’ll text your classmate later.)

It’s a Saturday night, no school. Do you:

  • Hit up the pub, you’re friends are already on round three on shots of fireball whiskey.
  • Stay in to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix.
  • Study for three whole hours and reward yourself by eating a spoonful of cookies n’ cream ice cream.

It’s lecture day, note-taking is optional. You:

  • Purposely sit in the back. It’s nap time!
  • Have a cup of coffee in hand and a Red bull in your backpack for back up, it’s time to focus and take as many notes as possible.
  • Don’t usually take notes anyway, so you plan on listening intently (you’re a genius, you take mental notes.)

It’s your hardest class to date and you currently have a 69.9 grade point average. You need at least a letter C to pass. You:

  • Email the professor for the 4th time and beg for extra credit.
  • Arrive to the professor’s office with a fruit, a cup of coffee with no cream (you’re not sure if the professor likes cream in coffee) and a plea bargain along with artificial tear drops (you’re going to want to tear up and look convincing.)
  • Rally up a study group- it’s going to be a long weekend.

Answer: I don’t care what you answered. It doesn’t matter. You’re a brilliant shrewd. You thought I had a sought out detailed answer for a type of “college student” you are didn’t you? The central message is that you’re a typical college student, nonetheless and will experience some bumps along the way. Your journey will very likely be different than everyone else’s and the commonality that you share with your peers is that you want to graduate and be successful one day. Just join the riot by experiencing what college has to offer.