After 3-D printing a bionic arm and devoting their spare time to helping children with missing limbs, UCF’s “Limbitless” team will be highlighted through several Microsoft-sponsored events during the last week of February.

Families in more than two dozen countries have sought the help of the student-run team. Medical conditions and war have resulted in millions of children missing limbs, and the students, who call themselves Limbitless Solutions, aim to share hope that technology can address this need.


Through their recently debuted national social media campaign dubbed #TheCollectiveProject, Microsoft will be looking to raise awareness of children with this disability.

According to Microsoft’s Tumblr, Engineering Week Events sponsored by the Fortune-500 Company will include:

2/26/15 – Hand-A-Thon to assemble mechanical hands

Join your fellow students in helping assemble 3D printed hands for children and adults around the world. When you build these special mechanical hands, you’re also helping to build confidence and joy for another human being.

Can’t be there in person? Tweet about the event and mention #CollectiveProject and #BionicKids to help raise awareness.

2/27/15 – Design-A-Thon for bionic limbs

UCF engineering student Albert Manero and his team are in search of artists, 3D designers, and people with great ideas to create a catalog of bionic arms to send to children around the world in need of limbs.

2/27/15 – Hi-Five Chain to set a new World Record

Raise a Hand and help us raise awareness for Limbitless and #BionicKids by being part of the world’s longest high-five chain. With over 60,000 students and many dedicated faculty, staff, alumni, and friends we want to beat the record of 1,647, and we need your help. Every hand counts!

[Check out a video released by Microsoft on YouTube about the campaign]