For the Zagrocki and Bennett ticket, it’s all about better representation.

Brian Zagrocki, and Alex Bennett, said their slogan “A New Day, A New Knight” stands for their commitment to being a better representation for students and having more realistic platform points.

Zagrocki, the Governmental Affairs Committee Chair in SGA Senate, and Bennett, the Executive Vice President for the Panhellenic Council’s executive board have very different leadership experience.

When asked why students should vote for them, Brian said besides their leadership experience and character, it all went back to their platform.

“If you’re going to be president and vice president of an entire school, people need to know who you are and feel like they can come to you and feel like they’re connected,” Zagrocki said.

Over the next weeks, both Zagrocki and Bennett said they would be putting themselves out there as much as possible to make sure voters are informed of their 20-point platform and that their input is heard.

When asked about the 1 a.m. meeting Zagrocki held with Stein, he insisted that it was blown way out of proportion and that he was trying to get their input and hear their expectations going forward. He said he would rather put it all behind them now and focus on the needs of the students.

Zagrocki and Bennett plan to release a time and place for their campaign rally soon, where they will be sharing their entire platform, after they’ve finalized the venue.