An affidavit leaked to, by a source who wished not to be identified, accuses the Cait/Jarell ticket of libel, failing to provide voting instructions at voting stations, and violating an agreement regarding where voting stations could be set up.

Cait Zona denied that her ticket committed any of these violations and said that it’s unfortunate that this affidavit has come about in this manner.

“We are confident that these alleged violations will hold no merit in moving through the process, and for now we will continue to focus on running a good campaign,” said Zona.

The Elections Commission will make the final decision as to whether these accusations will hold any legal merit.

The affidavit accuses Sara Gomez, Cait and Jarell’s campaign manager, of spreading false information — that Brian Zagrocki would have to drop halfway through his term if elected due to a very specific internship requirement for his major.

According to the affidavit, the above action violates the SGA Statute prohibiting libel or slander.

The affidavit also accuses Gomez of setting up a voting station in the incorrect spot for Zona.

The affidavit states, “She clearly violated statue 604.1-J which states No candidate/ticket shall authorize, aid, advise, condone, or in any way induce another to act in violation of any provision of the Golden Rule, Student Body Constitution, or Student Body Statutes.”

The final violation in the affidavit focuses on how there should be clear voting instructions on how to vote at all voting stations.

“We have pictures of their campaign tables today, Monday March 30, 2015 which do not provide clear, detailed instructions on how to vote. This is a clear violation of this policy,” according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states it was filed by Josh Thompson, a supporter of Brian and Alex.