Florida Gov. Rick Scott was not in the mood to talk to reporters on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, March 3, the 60 day legislative process began for the state of Florida. Following the State of the State address, Gov. Scott did not stop to talk to any reporters — according to the Associated Press.


“@FLGovScott doesn’t stop to talk to press. Tried to ask about request to halt tests. Notes he suspended 11th grade one,” tweeted AP reporter Gary Fineout after he tried to catch Gov. Scott outside the merged chamber.


When KnightNews.com tried to ask Gov. Scott if he supports UCF Downtown, he did not answer that either.


Gov. Rick Scott was at the legislative session to give his State of State address to the lawmakers. Some of the major topics of his speech included tuition costs and tax exemptions on textbooks.

Not once in his address did Gov. Rick Scott mention anything about the fight for the UCF Downtown campus project that President Hitt and the UCF Board of Trustees have been fighting for.

KnightNews.com will try to get back with Gov. Scott next time we’re in Tallahassee to see if he’ll give us an answer as to whether or not he supports funding for $200+ million project.

Although Gov. Scott indicated the justification for past tuition hikes as because other states had higher tuition than Florida, KnightNews.com has learned some university leaders who pushed for tuition hikes asserted that they were motivated by a need to prevent budget cuts that could impact student as a result of funding cuts from the Legislature.