SGA candidates Brian Zagrocki and Alex Bennett released their platform points at their rally at Buffalo Wild Wings on March 24.

“In your opinion, what does SGA do?” Zagrocki asked attendees at the rally. Besides a brief, “Free scantrons!” guests had little idea what to say. Zagrocki and Bennett said they would be working hard to ensure students are informed voters when elections begin.

Junior Renzo Mendieta expressed his concern that there is a significant disconnect between SGA and students.

“It’s just so obvious that SGA supports one type of candidate and that’s it; they’re not really open to any other ideas, or to change,” Mendieta said.

According to Zagrocki and Bennett, their primary aim is to bridge that disconnect and to address students’ concerns.

“We’re students too, and we’re here to hear your concerns,” said Zagrocki.

Zagrocki said their platform is totally feasible. Unlike past and current administrations that make promises that are not fulfilled, such as the pedestrian bridge on Alafaya. He said they’re taking the necessary steps to ensure their points will be fulfilled, if elected.

A major point Zagrocki and Bennett addressed was the parking issue on campus. He said he would aim to integrate an app, currently being developed at a college in New York that is able to track open parking spots on campus. It allows students to see the availability in parking garages and save time finding a spot, instead of driving around in circles.

“We’re not making the usual grandiose promise saying that we’re going to make more parking garages or build them higher because that’s not going to happen. With this app, you’ll be able to find parking spaces in five minutes instead of an hour,” Zagrocki said.

During the SGA Debate earlier that afternoon, opposing candidate Stein, asked how Zagrocki planned to fund these services. Zagrocki said their utmost priority as president and vice president, if elected, would be fiscal responsibility.

“We want to create an exploratory committee and just kind of figure out what our different options are for developing that application and then choosing whichever one is the most effective and the most cost affordable,” said Zagrocki.

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