7-Eleven will let their customers get creative as they want, filling their choice of cup for the price of one regular medium Slurpee, which comes out to $1.49.

On Saturday, April 11, the #BYOC day will take place at 7700 stores, where customers can bring their own container of any size and fill it with as much Slurpee as they please.


Potential containers may include an industrial size water cooler bottle, fish bowl, dog food bowl, milk jug, and more.

“From sand buckets to trophies, customers can unleash their creativity by bringing in their choice of a unique, fun Slurpee cup,” 7-Eleven spokeswoman Laura Gordon said in a release.

According to the convenience store chain, the Bring Your Own Cup Day rules are:

  • “Your cup must fit through a 10 inch hole.”
  • “Your cup must be food safe.”
  • “Your cup must be watertight.”
  • “One cup per person on #BYOCUPDAY.”

The promotion takes place on Saturday, April 11, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.