Knight News is inviting you to join us in supporting the UCF Rugby Team’s road to a national championship three-peat.

UCF’s Rugby Team asked Knight News to help spread the word about how the team is asking for help from the community to raise funds to make the trip to the Elite 8 competition in Pittsburgh.


We decided to spread the word — but also step up and donate ourselves to support the team. Knight News will donate 25 cents for every new Facebook “like” we get until 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 17 (up to $150).


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(Also click here to make a donation to the team’s GoFundMe account.)

Earlier this month, the UCF Rugby team defeated both Kennesaw State University and Middle Tennessee State University and took home its third straight consecutive South Independent Rugby Conference Championship Title. That is what allowed UCF to advance on through to the Elite 8 competition in Pittsburgh, PA, where two more games will be played. If all goes well, UCF will be in the final for the D1-AA National Championship!

The UCF Rugby Team has worked all year to earn its shot at the title. The team says it currently receives little funding, and the players must pay all their own expenses, so they’ve set up a GoFundMe account for this trip. The Elite 8 airfare alone will be $10,000. They ask for all to donate, and say every little bit helps.

“A lot of players on this team are freshman and this is their first ever experience at the collegiate competitive level,” team captain Scott Watters told Knight News. “We want to bring the school, our supporters and these new guys home another National Title so that we can grow the sport internally and get recognition for the college as a top level rugby provider.”

If you’d like to donate, click on the UCF Rugby GoFundMe link here:​

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