UCF basketball player Brandon Goodwin was arrested on April 27 by UCFPD over the grand theft of a bicycle owned by UCF, court records show.

Goodwin, 19, was arrested by UCFPD outside of the CFE Arena for an outstanding warrant dating back to an incident in June 2014, where prosecutors say he took a bicycle valued over $300 and charged him with grand theft, a third-degree felony, earlier this month, according to court records.


According to the affidavit, Goodwin took the bike from the bicycle rack next to Knightro’s. When UCFPD confronted him about taking the bike, Goodwin said that he previously had his bike stolen and “felt bad” about taking the bicycle, so he left it by the Mathematical Sciences building where UCFPD retrieved it, according to the affidavit.


Court records indicate the UCF bicycle was assigned to a detective in the special investigations unit of UCFPD.


UCF hasn’t confirmed if the bike was a part of the UCF bait bike program, which was implemented in 2011.

Earlier this year in February, UCFPD held a public bait bike education program. UCFPD owns the bait bikes and places GPS trackers on them, so if a thief steals one, they know where to find them. Since 2011, they have made at least 12 arrests for the theft of bait bikes.

UCFPD also handed out “This Could Be a Bait Bike” stickers at the event to students to discourage potential thieves from taking the bike.

Goodwin started all 30 games for UCF this past season and averaged 10.2 points per game with a team-leading 4.2 assists per game.

Dan Forcella, UCF Associate Director of Athletics Communications, said that UCF basketball is aware of the situation.

“We are aware of the situation and allowing the legal process to play itself out,” Forcella said in an e-mail.