South Florida’s West Broward alumni opened a second location for a fast grocery delivery service, Knight Grocery. UCF students Jeremy Batista and Justin Shapiro helped launch this business on March 31.

The first location, Gator Grocery, was founded in Gainesville by two other West Broward alumni, Alex Green and Josh Montiel. This location was launched about three weeks before the opening of the Orlando location.

“Alex told me what he was doing and I thought it had great potential,” Batista said. “So I visited him in Gainesville and he showed me the ropes.”

Orders are made online at Once the groceries are added to the basket, one can pay for their groceries online or in-person.

The site consists of over 2,000 products to choose from. If one doesn’t see an item they want, they could contact the business through their website and request for an item to buy and they will add it to their website.

Same day delivery is only available for those that place their order before 9 a.m. Orders placed after that will be scheduled for delivery the following day. Right now, the amount of people on staff is very small, so it’s harder to make same day delivery available for every one.

“It’s only a couple of us right now, but once the business picks up we’ll be looking to make our staff bigger for better service,” Shapiro said.

Products range from subs to beauty care to frozen foods. Along with the total from the groceries bought, one has to pay a delivery fee. There is a standard delivery fee of at least $5. The more one buys, the higher the delivery fee gets. The highest the fee can get is $20 for a $150-$200 order.

“Although one is paying a service fee, they are escaping the hassles of going out to buy necessities,” Batista said.

More information on the delivery prices are available on their website, Keep up with the website and Facebook page for future coupons and discounts available.