UCFPD and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office came together to make a joint announcement Thursday afternoon about a partnership to raid bars and patrol off campus housing complexes to combat crime.

Knight News was first to report on the Cinco De Mayo bar raids near UCF, a result of this new partnership.

UCF police and the OCSO deputies are introducing a new program called SNAP. SNAP stands for Sector 2 Noise and Alcohol Patrols. They believe that parties, underage drinking, and driving under the influence are precursors to many of the recent crimes, and as a result, will start to pay closer attention to such behaviors.


The SNAP program is going to be enforced at least throughout the following semesters, particularly at local bars and UCF home football games.

The OCSO is starting to work with off campus housing complexes in order to create a crime free multi-housing network.

This program is responsible for informing the apartments who has been involved in the recent crimes. They hope this will stop criminals from acting in one community and then hitting another right after.

The OCSO is also increasing their patrol of the off campus Greek Park, informally known as the “Greek Ghetto”, home to six fraternity houses and one recently expelled fraternity. The area is home to many who are believed to be gang members, and is where many recent burglaries, shootings, rapes, and drug related incidents have occurred.

Both the UCFPD and OCSO are aware of the crimes happening in the UCF area and are asking for patience as they attempt to eliminate the problems together.


  1. I have been posting (unpublished) for months about the rampant, public underage drinking around UCF. Glad to see the police are finally stepping up.

  2. Ryan, they don’t do an excellent job at stopping crime you should have seen how many UCF alerts I got this year about armed robberies, murder scenes, etc. Calling someone retarded for not agreeing with how the way law enforcement is dealing with crime is completely ridiculous, and yeah of course I’m going to call the police if I need to idiot. But me calling them a pig is referring to the unsatisfactory ways they have been dealing with crime lately. Read the newspaper, or watch the news buddy, the police haven’t really been societies best friend lately.

  3. Joe and Barry are retarded. I’m sure they could do an excellent job at stopping criminal activity. Maybe they should hit the recruiting office.

    And it’s funny Joe calls them pigs…I bet he’s the first to call them when he needs them.

  4. Well Clark, I think about 99% of high schoolers live with their parents. So your primarily addressing a parenting problem.

  5. glad the cops are using their valuable time to stop underage drinking… This could be the biggest waste of funds and time these cops could be doing. How about you use your time catching violent criminals other than a 19 year old kid who is drinking a beer. pigs

  6. Actually barry, its more for the fact that there are high school kids who get access to these bars with fake id’s, then they try to go home with somebody only to slap them with a statutory rape charge down the line cause she said she was 18.

  7. Because busting underage college kids for cracking open a cold one in their tailgate tents is really showing violent crime who’s boss.

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