Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced today that they arrested James Joseph in connection to a robbery at the Marquee Apartments.

The robbery occurred on May 16, 2015 when the victim, who owns a mobile auto repair business, was lured into the parking garage where he was pistol-whipped and robbed, according to Orange County spokesperson Jane Watrel.


According to the incident report, the victim was robbed of his iPhone 6 and $130 after Joseph hit him in the face with a semi-auto style pistol.


The report stated that the incident began over a dispute the victim had with a customer over an estimated cost of mechanic services. The victim then received a call about a Toyota Corolla that was overheating and needed service.

The victim met the vehicle owner at The Marquee, located at 12101 Sterling University Lane.

Joseph hopped into the pickup and said he was going to show the driver, the victim, where the car was located. After driving through the parking garage, between the sixth and seventh floor, the victim was assaulted, according to the incident report.

Joseph told the victim, “You robbed my brother so I’m going to rob you.” Joseph also told the victim that if he called the police then he would find him and shoot him, the report stated.

Also in the vehicle during the incident was the victim’s girlfriend’s brother, who was unharmed.

Joseph was charged with armed robbery, armed burglary, grand theft third degree, aggravated assault and aggravated battery, according to the report.