Four women at Plaza on University opened their eyes to a rude awakening Monday morning after an unknown male entered their unit and some rooms of the residence at around 1 a.m.

One of the roommates said that “an unknown male was in her bedroom watching her sleep,” according to the incident report provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. She “woke up with the male standing next to her bed, towering over her.”

The report also states that the male was “caressing” her arm as she slept.

The victim yelled and got a delayed response from the suspect, who then walked out and entered the bedroom of another roommate, according to the report. She also said that the delayed response made her believe the male might have been intoxicated but she was not sure.

The second girl was sitting in the dark getting ready to sleep when she heard her door open. She first thought it was one of her roommates.

“After a few seconds, the individual did not say anything, and was just standing facing her bed breathing heavily.” The girl then proceeded to turn her bedside lamp on and “the unknown subject exited her room quickly and shut the door,” the report said.

The report states that second girl never saw the individual who was standing in her room. She received a text from the previous roommate asking if she had entered her room. It was then when the second girl got “creeped out” thinking it wasn’t one of her friends standing there.

A third roommate told OCSO that she slept through the incident although she might have heard someone tugging on her doorknob who she thought was one of her roommates.

The last resident told OCSO that she heard the front door open and close a few times and got up to see who it was. “When she entered the kitchen, she saw someone close the front abruptly,” the report stated.

The girl opened the door to see the individual and observed “a black male, skinny, around 6′, medium complexion, short hair wearing a white tshirt standing near the stairwell exit holding the door open,” according to the report.

The final roommate closed the door and looked through the peephole when she “observed the same black male walk back by the apartment, and pull on the door handle. The male appeared to be attempting to open the front door to the apartment,” states the report.

Once the male left the apartment, the roommates all gathered in the kitchen and called security.

The report says that “security advised they would keep a look out for the male, and advised the girls not to worry about calling the police.”

The girls called the police the next morning after their parents encouraged them to, according to the report.

Security later that night returned to the apartment to ask the last roommate to “identify a black male they found sitting on a bench in the apartment complex.” She believed he was the same male.

The incident report states that the victims advised the front door and balcony door were locked before they went to bed. One of the roommates believed the suspect may have entered through the front door.

“If the dead bolt is not turned all the way in the lock position it can be ‘jiggled’ unlocked from the outside,” she said. reached out to Plaza on University but they could not respond immediately.

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