In order to survive college, you have to have the essentials. What are these essentials, you ask? It’s the old college-ruled paper, pencil, and a notebook. But, every college student knows that, quite frankly every student needs them. We have been trained these supplies every year since we were six years old. So, that’s nothing new to us. However, college comes with more duties and responsibilities. And paper, pencil, and a notebook is just-not-enough. To survive college, you need more than supplies; you need a survival-kit to conquer the college life.

Here are 10 substantial must have’s you need for college and you’ll need them. Trust me.

  • Sanity- You need sanity if you’re juggling a full-time course load and work at the same time. Your mental health is important. Take some time out from your busy life and just… relax.
  • Sleep- Most college students don’t sleep enough. Sleep deprivation can affect your memory and performance. You need adequate sleep to stay alert and to get that A on that exam. (You want that A, don’t you)?
  • Friends- Friends are awesome and they are more awesome when they are there to listen. As college students, we run into problems every day. Having a friend to confide in helps to de-stress and they may very well give their input and that could lead you to an answer.
  • Water- I see you hopping from class to class and frantically getting ready for work. But, you need to slow down and drink water. Yes, I know water is dull; but staying hydrated can avoid symptoms like dizziness and confusion.
  • Phone- The first week of each semester can be awkward and a phone can make it less awkward. As you are sitting in class waiting for the professor and everyone else around you is silent; pull the phone out (you know you don’t have the guts to break the ice).
  • Coffee- You’ve gotten some sleep, but you need a booster; get some coffee.
  • Red Bull- You’ve gotten some sleep, but you need a booster and hate coffee; get yourself a Red Bull.
  • Money-College students need food like any other human. You’re going to need money if you want to buy coffee or that Red Bull.
  • Laptop- Who uses paper anymore? We all need to research a topic at some point of our college career and I know you’re not going to borrow books from the library when internet is easier to access. Get a laptop, if you don’t have one already.
  • A Plan- You’re going to need a plan on how to use this survival-kit. Buy a planner. Develop a plan-of-action. Prioritize you time and complete the things you need to do first. “May the force be with you.” –Star Wars