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UCF and Stanford have met at the fifty yard line for the coin toss and Stanford has won the toss; they elect to receive the ball first.



First Quarter:

UCF takes down Stanford’s Noor Davis on a carry behind the line of scrimmage, holding the Cardinals to a 4th down punt. Stanford didn’t see a first down in their opening drive.

The Knights saw little action on their first offensive drive, ceding all four downs to Stanford for a punt. Justin Holman ran the ball once on a quarterback keeper and threw two incompletions.

Stanford ran for its first down following a 10 yard opening in the UCF defense. Two completed passes would move the home team forward by 18 yards. A holding penalty set Stanford back 10 yards, enough to allow the UCF defense to slow the offense until a 21 yard gain was made by a Stanford pass completion. The Cardinals began to make use of its wildcat formation with success for a gain of 18 yards on the first two plays out of the formation. After allowing the first down, UCF pulled the line of scrimmage back two yards. A 15 yard penalty soon prevented a Stanford first down, leading UCF’s defense to force a Stanford punt at the 34 yard line.

A new quarterback, freshman Bo Schneider, began the drive but could not bring about a first down after an incomplete pass on third down.

A would-be 55 yard kick return TD for the Cardinals was brought back to the Stanford 25 after an illegal blocking maneuver. A pass-interference penalty from UCF gave the Stanford offense enough life to fight for 2 yards over 4 downs.

Aziz Shittu of the Stanford defense is ejected after targeting UCF’s Taj McGowan. The Knights would make it to fourth down to attempt the conversion. The pass attempt would be incomplete.

Second Quarter:

A Stanford 4th and 1 would be successful converted on a carry of 2 yards for a first down. Following a series of small gains, the UCF defense would rush Stanford QB Kevin Hogan to force an incomplete pass and a punt attempt.

Within the UCF 10 yard line, QB Bo Schneider would make a pass to Jordan Akins to bring the Knights out of dangerous territory. UCF running back Taj McGowan would run for a for a 9 yard carry and followed by a 2 yard carry for the first down. Two penalties from both sides off-set each other for a 3rd down restart. UCF would correct its play for a successful pass from Schneider to Akins for a gain of 8 in a UCF first down. Stanford would decline a holding penalty made buy UCF. UCF would respond with a 14 yard pass and first down.

Stanford recovers a UCF fumble at the Stanford 36 yard line with 5:50 left in the half. A 3rd and 1 situation is converted to a first down by the Cardinals. Stanford completes a 53 yard TD pass.

UCF-0 Stanford-7

UCF is forced to punt after its offensive drive. The Knights were unable to connect for a first down.

Stanford would complete a series of passes to bring them across midfield to the Cardinals’ 39 yard line. A 52 yard field goal would be successfully attempted.

Halftime: UCF-0 Stanford-10

Third Quarter:

McGowan gains 11 on a carry to make it a first down for UCF. Schneider’s third down pass attempt is incomplete.

Stanford plays the ball at the 1 yard line, and makes it out of dangerous territory. A large gain is made by the Cardinals after a 25 yard pass is complete.

Penalty from the Cardinals have the Knights move up 15 yards for a first down. Unable to connect on a set of downs, UCF punts the ball.

Stanford first down from a 42 yard pass to Gibson. Hogan on a QB keeper runs in for 8 yards and a first down. Kevin Hogan quickly passes the ball to center field for a gain of 11 after the completion. A seven yard pass is made for a touchdown.

UCF-0 Stanford-17

Penalties on a kickoff are off-set, ball is rekicked. Pass is intercepted by Stanford at the 11 yard line.

Stanford rushes the ball for 4 yards. The clock runs out to end the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

Stanford makes it to the 4th and 3 and unsuccessfully attempts to convert the down.

UCF rushes the ball for no gain on the play after a 15 yard penalty in favor of the Knights is made. Unable to connect on two passes, the ball is punted downfield.

Stanford is penalized half the distance to the goal and is unable to create a first down opportunity. An illegal substitution brings up 3rd down and 20 at the 7 yard line. Stanford’s Bryce Love receives a pass from Hogan and runs down the field for a 93 yard touchdown in the following play.

UCF-0 Stanford-24

Tyler Harris subs in for the Knights. Harris’ first pass is completed to Akins for a gain of 4. Three incompletes have the Knights punt the ball. UCF makes the 4th down conversion. A pass to Akins moves the first down. Unsportsmanlike conduct by Stanford after a QB sack gives UCF a first down.

UCF was able to score one touchdown in garbage time on a Tyler Harris-to-Tre’ Quan Smith connection, but it was far little much too late after Stanford had added another touchdown of their own.

Final: UCF 7 Stanford 31 



Photo Credit: Nick Russett