Art, music and culture clashed Saturday night as the Creative City Project presented its annual event to wonderful success. Between Central Boulevard and Robinson, Orange Avenue was an array of color, sound, and activity. Hundreds of artists and performers spread out to bring the art directly to the people.

Interaction was a common theme throughout the night. Children were able to paint with Orlando City Soccer Club, ride the Musical See Saw and create their own tie dye shirts with the DRIP’s Interactive Color Station.

The 100 piece Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra encouraged people to get close and mix right in with the musicians. Conductor Justin Muchoney however did give some advice to the crowd to watch out for the violinists and their mighty elbows.

The Creative City Project brought a whole new feel to the Saturday night downtown scene. Jefferson Street was taken over by a village of Ryder trucks that housed artists and gave them a new way to bring event goers in.

“It’s all about ‘YOU’” said Stephen Ag Carey, who was with Apartment E in a Ryder truck, “City Beautiful.”