Tonight at Knight’s Library at 7 p.m., a new bystander intervention program will be launched to help bar staff recognize when their customers may be in a hazardous situation and teach them how to respond appropriately, according to UCF Police.

The program first launched downtown earlier this fall and was put into place to teach bar staff bystander intervention that related to harassment, sexual assault, and other crimes.

The training is a partnership among UCF Victim Services, the Victim Service Center of Orlando, and the Orlando Police Department.

“This is a program we’ve talked about for a long time because we know our students are a vulnerable population, and we’re excited to be training people who can advocate for their safety. Participants will learn about common characteristics of perpetrators and targets, and they’ll gain an understanding of how they can safely and successfully intervene,” said UCFPD spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin.