The final four have been chosen over one of the most event-filled races this season.

The fight to secure a spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup was once again intensified, with drivers doing anything they could to not be cut off from the pack.

As with most races, this one ran pretty smoothly – until around the 125th lap, where there was a caution thanks to cars stacked on the track. Too many drivers came onto the small inner part of the lane, causing a chain reaction that knocked cars out of place. Not too many laps later, Greg Biffle spun out of control and another caution was added to the ongoing list.

Kurt Busch later made contact with Austin Dillion’s car, causing Carl Edward’s car to be damaged as well – Goody’s 500 was turning into quite the headache for many drivers, and the race hadn’t even reached halfway just yet. Flames were seen on Clint Boyer’s car as well, rounding out more strange circumstances occurring during this race.

A few rough patches were laid out after the halfway point in the race, truly proving that everyone was in it to keep that Sprint Cup from coming into their opponent’s clutches. There was more trouble on the track wen Danick Patrick and David Gilliland dragged each other into trouble as Gilliland began by pushing Patrick up the racetrack and into the wall; she later retaliated in the same way, running him far enough into the wall that his car is damaged but she suffers a spin on the track. Shortly after the accidents pile up, Brad Keslowski hitting Matt Kenseth who is sent into a loss of control and ultimately ends up backwards after slamming Kurt Busch into the inside wall.

The race ended with a possible act of revenge from the week before, with Matt Kenseth purposefully wrecking Joey Logano so they were both out of the race – a possible act of revenge. It was all or nothing after the Headache 500, where Jeff Gordon ultimately claimed a first place win and the first spot in the Championship 4, while Jamie McMurray and Denny Hamlin followed in second and third place.