The heart of campus now beats inside of a new corporate body: Aramark.

The proposal between Aramark and the University of Central Florida has been approved by the Board of Trustees on Nov. 19.

However, the BOT voted on an amended motion, saying that the proposal will go through if two local businesses can sublet in the union.

Besides giving Aramark rights to dining in the Student Union, the company will pay $17,850,000 to renovate the union and create their “transformative dining vision,” according to the proposal.

The deal also plans to triple the amount of seating at the union, UCF spokesman Chad Binette said.

As for student input, some UCF students spoke out during the meeting and said they were part of a food focus group regarding the proposal.

As expected from student feedback and interviews, not everyone is thrilled with the outcome out the vote.

Student protesters from the Student Labor Action Project left the room chanting “shame” after they took a stand for small business rights.

The Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF was filled with many protest signs such as “don’t let Aramark destroy this landmark” and “keep our union ours.”

Student Government Association President and Trustee Cait Zona, who voted for the proposal, said she thinks this benefits the students, not only now but in the future.

UCF SGA Senator Jacob Milich has a different view than Zona on the deal.

“I’m disappointed with the decision that they made, without asking the students what they wanted. That’s the bottom line. The deal may or may not be a good deal, but they should represent the students and the students were never asked. A small focus group does not represent the majority of the students,” Milich said.

Many students have expressed their concern about the vote through social media. asked Zona for an interview after the BOT meeting and she said she would not be conducting interviews until next week.

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