After seeing multiple swastika stickers around campus, more and more students are becoming concerned with their safety, expressing themselves on social media.

“This is terrifying,” one student tweeted to Knight News this morning.


To go along with the anti-Semetic stickers, one student said his friend was handed a flier on November 8 that reads “Florida, lets kick it off! Join your local nazis, the Atomwaffen division!”


Knight News first reported the anti-Semetic stickers found on a campus newsstand, but more have been found since then in other locations.


A UCF student also messaged Knight News saying that “an RA in Lake Claire had her bulletin board stripped and replaced with Nazi propaganda.”

UCF Police has confirmed they are aware of the swastika stickers on campus and are investigating.

Early this morning, Eastern Florida State College sent out an alert about a suspect threatening gun violence. UCF has classes on this campus as well. There is no evidence linking the gun violence threat on Cocoa’s campus to the Nazi flyers, however.

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