Gainesville, Florida will host this year’s first ever Future Music Makers Benefit Concert  on Saturday, in order to help support nonprofit organization Future Music makers Youth Enrichment Program. 

The event will take place Dec. 5 at The Jam and will host some of Florida’s favorites, from cosmifunk quartet Flat Land to electronic duo Bells and Robes, as well as South Florida­-bred funk master Roosevelt Collier.

The benefit concert will help fund the nonprofit, which strives to help support and fund music education in youth by providing master classes and scholarships to obtain music classes.

Future Music Makers was brought about when brainstorming with other musicians in the Gainesville area about ways to promote music and arts in schools when much of the funding for these programs have been cut. All of us in the program have seen the benefits of music education first hand and wanted to give the same opportunity to those in school who might not have music in their lives otherwise. It all came to life when pitching to the One Spark crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville,” members of Bells and Robes said. “We all feel so blessed to be able to have the joys of music in our lives and feel everyone should have the same chance we did!”

After entering the O​ne Spark​competition, which is the largest crowdfunding festival in the world, t​he Future Music Makers Youth Enrichment Program project won a $15,000­ prize​ that went into the program, alongside 80 other competitors.

As part of their benefit show, on Dec. 4, the Future Music Makers Program will also host a family­ friendly event at One Love Cafe. This event will consist of performances and workshops hosted by all three groups of the Future Music Makers.

In regards to both music and Future Music Makers, content, outcome, and process are the three key ingredients to achieve direct results. With Future Music Makers, I think our mentality is the same,” members of Flat Land stated. “Our goal is to have an impact in our community, and we have modeled our program to reflect that. Process is such an important part of any endeavor, but for us, we have modeled our process to meet the end goal.” 

All tickets sales will go straight into funding the program and throughout the night, they will be accepting donations and will have various activities to support the cause.