The University of Central Florida Downtown campus received another contribution this week, this one exceeding $1 million.

The gift came from the personal accounts of President John C. Hitt and trustee Alex Martins. Other contributors were UCF leaders such as deans, alumnus and vice presidents.

This comes after the donation of millions of dollars earlier in the year; which totaled to about $81.5 million by UCF’s partners such as the Orlando magic, CFE Federal Credit Union and the Orange County Commissioners.

Valencia college would share the new campus with UCF, and serves as a place for students to enroll in a broad range of classes, from medical to culinary courses. The campus, being in the heart of downtown, would also allow students the luxury of being walking distance from multiple job and internship opportunities.

The University plans to fund the campus with another $20 million dollars, and is asking the state for an additional $20 million in order to complete the project.

If all goes as planned, expect to see the second largest school in the nation, grow even larger by the Fall of 2018.