OrderUp Partners with Knight News to Save You $7 on Lunch

OrderUp, a new smartphone app, delivers Orlando’s most delicious restaurants right to you on campus, at work, home and in between. They deliver some of the most popular food for college students including Chipotle, Huey Magoo’s, Hummus House and more.

If you like being able to track where your Uber is, you’ll love OrderUp’s delivery tracker feature. You can follow your food from the time you checkout to the time the driver arrives with your meal. It’s makes wondering where your food is a thing of the past.


Considering how long lines can be at Chipotle and other popular restaurants, OrderUp can be a serious time-saver for busy college students between work, class and the gym. It’s also an easy way to get food delivered for your UCF club meetings and recruitment events.

OrderUp is proud of its Group Ordering feature. It’s easy to use and eliminates the confusion with taking everyone’s order in your group. All you need to do is choose a restaurant and select “Start a Group Order” at the top. This creates a link for you to copy and share with all of your hungry friends. No more chasing down roommates, coworkers, or classmates to find out what they want to eat.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.02.22 PM

All this talk got you hungry? Try out OrderUp and take $7 off your first order when you use code KNEWS7 at checkout.

KnightNews.com is proud to partner with this new local business to save you money and make your life easier when grabbing lunch and dinner. Tweet us with your OrderUp experience!