Excitement with a touch of anxiety hits NASCAR as the “Great American Race” rolls into town. Not too long ago, NASCAR unveiled that they would be bringing back their PRO (Pit Road Officiating) system for its second year, even after worrying about its effectiveness on Pit Road last year. Officials were quite assured for PRO’s second year of use since the system was fine-tuned and tested until everything was at a comfortable level.

After its first year officials realized there were changes that could be made – anything from the positioning of cameras to double-checking that markings on Pit Road were as correct as possible in order to ensure the best results from the system. Not only did the system grow during its first use at Daytona last year, but the continuation of its development went on throughout the year as the staff worked at other race locations.


Security measures are not the change happening this season – NASCAR’s current driver roster has been updated as well. After the retirement of veteran Jeff Gordon, NASCAR has been eyeing and talking about one of the rookies starting this season. Chase Elliot is the young blood that will be taking over and driving Gordon’s No. 24 Chevrolet; with a rookie filling in such big shoes, motorsport fans have high hopes for him this upcoming year.

Since the end of last year’s season, fans have been excited for the start of a new one. The time to race is fast approaching!