“Rock n’ Roll is dead” has been a quote resonating throughout the world for years among valued music fans alike, and for those who truly stand by that statement may not have experienced the Southern 70’s grit that Atlanta’s Radio Birds prove to have under their belts.

Rock n’ Roll is about its musical creators and their sense of craftsmanship. Justin Keller (vocals and guitar), Colin Dean (drums), Chase Lamondo (vocals and bass) and Mike Ford (guitar) of Radio Birds possess that blend, which cultivates their robust, dynamic sound of Americana Rock.

With the release of their latest album Contemporary American Slang, and the addition of their latest member Mike Ford, the band is oozing with southern sheen and harmonies that will in fact make your heart skip one too many beats.  Maintaining both deep-rooted grittiness and evident Southern hospitality, it is clear that Justin, Colin, Chase and Mike are unique in their own ways and are indefinitely rooted in their artistic background as a whole.

Their latest album went through a “really cool studio process in a legendary studio in Atlanta,” according to Chase Lamondo. Colin Dean added that the time spent recording wasn’t as tedious as one would think, rather “12 hour days of recording, mixing and over-dubbing,” which shone through beautifully on all of their recorded tracks.

“We’re a little bit older, we’ve been playing a little bit longer, we have a sense of understanding,” Justin exclaimed in response to how the sound of their latest album is discernible from their last EP. Most notably off of Contemporary American Slang, “Ease My Mind”, a song for close friend Jason Moma’s latest film Road to Paloma, brings out the bands new found “hairy” sound as a whole. Envisioning the sound is one thing, but getting tangled up in Justin’s tenacious tone, Chase’s resonant bass thumps, Colin’s powerful snare hits, and Mike’s twangy guitar plucks does not truly happen until one experiences it firsthand.

Mike stated that there is “no single solution to get people to experience live music for what it is,” but by the length of their current tour and audiences attracted, there should be no issue for these Birds to draw a crowd.

With their unavoidable genuine talent and ability to blend four different backgrounds into one, Radio Birds are just on the road doing what they love for the people they love, without accepting that some believe Rock n’ Roll is dead. They instead remind us all why it’s still alive and kicking.

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