Bibi Bourelly is a 21-year-old Berlin native singer-songwriter signed to Def Jam Recordings. If you’ve listened to artists Rihanna, Usher, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, or Selena Gomez, you’ve glimpsed inside the world of Bibi’s personal experiences throughout songs like “Bitch Better Have My Money”, “Higher”, and “Chains.”

Bibi started out the New Year strong with the release of her new single “Sally,” the artist’s alter ego.

Whenever I go in to write, it just comes out. It’s just me talking, expressing my thoughts.” Bibi explained in regards to “Sally.” “It’s me talking to myself and to everyone that’s on the same page as me.”

“Sally” is comparable to a mixed drink; one part raw rock n’ roll and one part dirty pop that when stirred, blends the two together and creates a raw, soulful spike. It goes down easy, as you can’t help but to sway your hips and lose yourself throughout the chorus with little Sally herself.

A young woman who undeniably exudes confidence and self-awareness, Bibi is becoming an apparent voice in today’s generation of young adults everywhere. “WE are the millennials. This is OUR time,” She stressed about herself and likeminded individuals worldwide with a clear vision of what they want, how they’re going to get it and how no one in their right mind will be able to stop them. You can listen to her latest track below and take a peek inside the minds of her fans through the interactive Tumblr video here.

For more about her music, you can also listen here.