University of Central Florida Student Government Senator and former presidential candidate Jacob Milich has put forth a settlement offer in his lawsuit with UCF.

The settlement offer states the following:


“As for the terms of the offer, my client requests that all candidates, including himself, be allowed to remain on the ballot so that the students can vote on who their next student body president will be. In return, my client will dismiss his lawsuit with prejudice.”


“In addition to the dismissal, my client will not seek contribution from the university or any other party for attorney’s fees/costs and proposes that each party be responsible for the attorney’s fees/costs that each has incurred.”

Milich’s attorney said in the letter that his client “believes this result would be best for the UCF community.”

The offer will only be available until 4:30 p.m. Friday.

Knight News reached out to current SGA President Cait Zona for comment, who said, “I have no comment on pending litigation.”