It’s the end of the road for the Jake Milich & Elaine Sarlo Presidential ticket.

After being suspended by the election commission in a hearing that occurred behind closed doors on March 21, Milich and Sarlo appealed that decision to Chief Justice Taylor Scimeca. Today, that appeal was denied.


The election commission accused Milich and Sarlo of nine violations soon after the duo declared their candidacy.


Since this hearing occurred away from the public eye, we do not know all nine violations. In a Facebook post, Milich listed three:


1. “Writing myself notes on my phone (such as reminders of when the debate would take place), which accidentally saved to my SGA email account that’s linked to my phone.”

2. “Hiring a webpage designer who, in an attempt to deliver a professional product, tested the website and its subsections to make sure that these worked prior to the official campaigning period.”

3. “Preparing to run by creating a twitter and Instagram page prior to the official campaigning period, despite the fact that these pages had 0 followers, 0 posts, 0 pictures, and no campaign information.”

Milich vows to continue his fight for students as a senator and chairman of the Golden Rule Review Committee.