University of Central Florida baseball signee Joe Skinner succumbed to an infection after his battle with cancer early Saturday morning in the arms of his parents and older sister.

The 17-year-old was diagnosed with B-cell acute lympholaastic leukemia on December 8 shortly after signing with UCF’s baseball team.


A moment of silence took hold of Red McEwen field at the UCF versus USF baseball game in Tampa Saturday afternoon.

After a trip from Arnold Palmer to a hospital in Dallas in April of 2016, Skinner would learn that internal bleeding had built in his stomach, leading to difficulties in his breathing due to the swelling that took place. During his stay at Arnold Palmer, the Bishop Moore High School senior soon required breathing assistance, via ventilator, as weeks went by.

Treatments were used to deter the advance of leukemia and more were planned to rid the cancer from Joe for good. Skinner took one last step in to Jay Bergman Field at UCF on February 13.

The family briefly spoke after Skinner’s passing, telling the Orlando Sentinel the gratefulness they hold in sharing their final moments with their soon-to-have-been UCF Knight.

“Judy, Molly and I were fortunate to hold Joe and tell him how much we love him until his final breath,” Scott Skinner told the Sentinel on Saturday. “Although we are heartbroken, we know Joe is in heaven and we’ll see him again one day.”

Bishop Moore staff and students will gather in the gymnasium to remember Skinner on Monday morning.