The Peer Outreach Mentoring Program aims to connect UCF Rosen College students with goal-oriented peers in an effort to increase college experiences as well as grade point averages.

The idea of pairing students who are at-risk, academically, along with transfer and readmitted students has seen success as the program has become the recipient of awards and recognition.


Students who go through the program see an average of a .53 improvement in their semester GPA and .305 improvement to their total UCF GPA. An overwhelming ninety-five percent of students who participated in the POMP program saw an increase in their grades in the four years since the beginning of Rosen’s peer mentorship. A ninety-seven percent retention rate has given POMP the success it sought out when it began.

The program has remained entirely voluntary to peer mentors, who regularly consist of upper-class Rosen undergraduate students. From 11 members in Fall 2011 to 61 members in Spring 2016, bi-weekly meetings structure the program to keep students involved and set on personal goals.

Students who may have experienced a difficult first academic year at Rosen not only fall under participation of the program but also the vision of POMP: Partnering to reveal the hospitality leader within.

The month of April’s fourth annual mentorship ceremony saw Rosen senior Ryan Burke receive the Peer Mentor of the Year award in addition to the one thousand dollars that came with the award.

The peer mentor program prides itself in also being the first to form a Knight-Thon team for the Rosen College, raising seven thousand dollars in donations.

Photo credit: UCF

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