Christina Grimmie, a YouTube sensation and ‘The Voice’ star was fatally shot after an Orlando concert Friday night, the Orlando Police Department stated, with the gunman taking his own life after being tackled by Grimmie’s brother in the moments following the shooting.

The motive behind the gunman, who made his move once the concert ended at 10 p.m. Friday night, approached Grimmie, 22, while the singer sold merchandise and signed autographs with band members, was unclear. The suspect traveled from another Florida city to Orlando with two handguns, a knife, and loaded magazines and anticipated a return home but would commit suicide after critically injuring Grimmie.


Grimmie was then transported to the hospital but would succumb to her injuries, passing five hours later early Saturday morning.

Twitter quickly took to the news under #PrayforChristina, which then changed to #RIPChristina after she was confirmed to have passed, where reports of Christina’s brother tackling the suspect were confirmed, likely saving the lives of other potential victims who were in line after the concert to  have autographs signed and merchandise to take home.

Mark Grimmie immediately tackled the shooter, which led to the gunman fatally shooting himself. Orlando Police spokeswoman Wanda Miglio called Mark a hero, after preventing further loss of life.

One of Mark’s final photo with the two together was during Thanksgiving, with the caption: “Thankful for the good friends good family.”

Brian Teefey, of LH7 management with Grimmie, hosted a GoFundMe to relieve the cost of funeral services in ‘their time of need,’ said Teefey.

The most popular of Grimmies tweets resurfaces from 2013, emulating a ‘cruel irony’ in the wake of the event:

Orlando PD detectives stated that they are reviewing the suspect’s phone and that a name will be released Saturday afternoon.