U.S Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed the media today giving an update on the Pulse shooting investigation.

“I am here in Orlando today to meet with our investigators, state and local partners on the ground, and to support this great city, and all those effected by this devastating tragedy. I am here to reaffirm this administration’s unshakable commitment to the safety of our citizens, the security of our nation, and the strength of our values,” Lynch said.

IMG_3978During the press conference Lynch pledged the administration’s continued support to the victims and first responders affected by this tragedy.

“The Department of Justice is also determined to do anything we can to help this community heal, recover and become whole again,” Lynch said.


This includes the Justice Department making $1 million available in emergency funding to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to help cover overtime costs for state and local responders.

Along with supporting the victims and first responders, Lynch also discussed the investigations but was unable to confirm or deny many details because it is still ongoing. However, she did promise transparency from herself and the Obama administration in time.

Listen to the full conference here:

Photo credit: Divina Rayos

Knight News will continue to bring you more information on the Pulse Night Club shooting as it becomes available.