“Make America First Again” was the theme surrounding day three of the Republican National Convention. But it was Ted Cruz that everyone Was talking about at the end of the day.

On Wednesday, protesters lined outside the Quicken Loans Arena early to protest the biggest day of the convention yet.


Starting at 11 a.m., protesters were outside the arena chanting “Wall off Trump” and attempted to prevent people from entering the perimeter of the arena.

However it was Ted Cruz, Texas Senator and GOP primary runner-up, who delivered the largest slight of the evening.

Cruz took the stage and started off strong in his speech, as he touched on topics of freedom, and the slain Dallas Police officers. The crowd listened intently awaiting Cruz’s endorsement of Trump, which would have seemed to be the final step in unifying the party.

But as he speech went on, with still no endorsement, the crowd began to get restless. Many audience members began cat calling Cruz, shouting “endorse him”, and small burst of chants encouraging him to do so were intermittent throughout his speech.

“Vote your conscience” was the most Cruz could utter out of his mouth before concluding his speech.

Cruz then retreated off of the state to loud boos after failing to endorse the nominee.

Newt Gingrich took the stage and attempted to smooth out the slight with the audience, but it appeared the damage had been done.

The evening concluded with a speech from VP nominee Mike Pence, that electrified the crowd and sent everyone home with anticipation for day 4 where Donald Trump will finally speak at the convention.

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