There’s no doubt Trump has offended many groups this election season; this time it’s not a religious or ethnic group, its Clowns! Many people call the Republican nominee a clown and many other names but a group of actual Clowns going by the name Not Funny Cleveland is completely against what they are calling “inappropriate appropriation” of the term “clown” in regards to Donald Trump.

“We are a group of art and cultural workers, clowns who are here at the RNC to protest the Inappropriate appropriation of term clown and other forms of circus to the patently dangerous and anti-social platform of Donald J Trump,” Group spokeswoman Cathleen O’Malley said.

“Donald Trump is not funny nor is he cute. And nobody’s laughing.” O’Malley continued.

When asked what is a clown supposed to be, O’Malley explained, “If you go back to the origins of clowning a clown is supposed to be a proxy for humanity, clowns are vulnerable and represent humanity.

During the Not Funny Cleveland performance, they poked fun at the Donald singing their own original songs.

During the performance, passerby’s were fascinated with the group and everyone was having a good laugh.

“It’s good for us, it’s good for us here, I’m not for or against anybody I just want to give everyone a chance this election,” bystander K.B Hawthorn said.

PHoto/Video Credit Divina Rayos