Former President Bill Clinton reminded us all of how he became elected president over twenty years ago.

The roll call vote that named Hillary Clinton the official democratic nominee took place on Wednesday, the second day of the DNC.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders concluded the proceeding by moving to suspend the convention and officially name Hillary as the Democratic nominee.

Following the delegate vote, the 42nd President of the United States gave a heartwarming speech describing how he met his wife to conclude the second night of the DNC.

The former Arkansas governor described to the audience their time in college, and included several other heartwarming stories from their years together.

He also touted Hillary’s impressive political track record, and labeled her a “change maker.”

To conclude his speech Clinton threw several jabs toward Donald Trump and the Republican party and exited the stage to immense cheers from the crowd.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are scheduled to speak during day three of the DNC. Stay tuned to Knight News for continued DNC coverage.