University of Central Florida comedy group High Tide prepares to make a big splash with their new show “High Tide After Dark” premiering at 10 p.m. Wednesday night at Spacebar in downtown Orlando.

Currently led by former UCF student Alex Avila, High Tide is a live variety show open to all Knights interested in performing sketch comedy and improvisation in front of live audiences.


Once a week, the small group meets in a “writers’ room” setting where they establish themes for each show and let their creative, comedic juices flow.

The magic happens every fourth Wednesday of each month at Spacebar, home to High Tide’s shows since September 2015.

“Every month, they fund a show all by themselves, write all of the sketches, and cast themselves [in all of] the parts like a live SNL style show,” High Tide supporter and member Jordan Faiella said. They also alternate between leading and supporting roles to give everyone equal opportunities to showcase their talents.

Just last month, the hipster comedy group performed a Monty Python and the Holy Grail-esque medieval themed show, and the knights of comedy had laughs all around while also taking pride in helping others.

“Comedy is really therapeutic for us, cathartic in a way,” Avila said. “Our last show was only days after the Pulse shooting, and we were so pleased to able to heal the community with laughter and make people feel good for a while.”

The group also raised money for the Pulse victims.

“All UCF comedians want careers in comedy and are moving out to LA soon to pursue their dreams,” Faiella added.

Previous High Tide head Sean Hyatt made the big move last month and now supports the show from California.

“The good thing about comedy is that it transports you to a different state of mind,” Hyatt said. “I know they will continue to please audiences with their new material in “High Tide After Dark.”

“The show is a surprise, but it will be the perfect mix of goofy and raunchy,” Avila said. “Come have fun with us.”

High Tide is also looking for new members, men and women, to join in the fall semester. Check out their Facebook for more information.

Spacebar: 2428 E Robinson St.

$5 cover, cash or credit.

See the Facebook event here.

Picture from left to right: Alex Bair, Alex Avila and Lina Ortiz at High Tide’s Super Spooky Halloween Show, Oct. 28, 2015.