Many college women will begin a new chapter of their lives tomorrow as the University of Central Florida’s Panhellenic Council will begin recruitment.

Panhellenic recruitment is a five day long process in which ‘Potential New Members’ or PNMs will visit each Greek house hoping to find a place they can call home for the rest of their college career.

According to UCF’s PAN website, the schedule for recruitment is listed below.

Monday, August 15 – PNMs will check into Greek Forum and will be provided information that will them to understand what recruitment at UCF will be like.

Tuesday, August 16 – PNMs will visit all 12 Greek houses in order to get a glimpse of what each sorority is like.

Wednesday, August 17 – PNMs will visit 8 houses and learn about that sorority’s specific philanthropy and what it means to them.

Thursday, August 18 – PNMs will visit 6 chapters and will be shown a video created by the sorority that allows them to show off their creativity.

Friday, August 19 – PNMs will visit 3 chapters on the last and most sentimental day of recruitment.

Throughout the rush process, PNMs and sororities, as a whole, will both put down who they think is the best match for them and this is how the rush process works.

On Saturday after recruitment is over, PNMs will meet on campus together and receive their bids and then run ‘home’ to their respective chapter.