S.N.A.P. will be back.

It looks as though bar raids will continue through the the 2016-17 school year according to UCFPD Police Chief Richard Beary.

When asked if UCF Students will continue to see a police presence at UCF bars Beary replied “Guaranteed”, adding “It’s just too important of a program”.

S.N.A.P or Sector II Noise Alcohol Patrol is an initiative launched by UCFPD and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in 2015. The program’s goal is too ensure the safety of students and residents of the Sector II area.

This includes raiding the UCF bars in search of underage drinking. Since the program launched, over 100 people under the age of 21 have been arrested for alcohol possession.

However despite these results Beary acknowledged that the program has faced funding challenges, but assured Knight News that the department would overcome those challenges.

Stay tuned to Knight News for continued UCFPD updates.