We are stronger together.

Thats the message former President Bill Clinton touched on repeatedly during his rally-like speech at the Dr. James R. Smith neighborhood center in Orlando on Wednesday.

The former President spoke on a number of issues including the economy, immigration, and coming together as a nation.

Clinton also bashed Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”, stating “I was raised to believe that if you spend all your time trying to recapture yesterday, you blow today, and you forfeit tomorrow.”

Mr. Clinton has traveled across the nation campaigning for his wife, and he emphasized to the Orlando crowd that Mrs. Clinton was the only option for President.

“Hillary’s the only candidate you can vote for now who has given you answers,” Clinton explained.

Clinton also discussed his wife’s plan to lower the price of college tuition, and make colleges more successful. Clinton mentioned possible programs that would allow discounted tuition in exchange for a time period of community service, or the ability to pay off college tuition like a mortgage.

This speech follows Hillary’s visit to the University of South Florida on Tuesday. Mr. Clinton will now head to Miami, Florida to take part in a fundraiser.

Election season is in full swing as voting will take place in just over two months.

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