The Black Student Union (BSU) , founded by the late, revered John T. Washington is a significant cultural asset to the UCF campus. It highlights and acknowledges the cultural, social, and philanthropical aspects of not only African-American students but minorities in general.

With this in mind, BSU held a convocation that showcases and represents all of the minority and black-based organizations on campus Wednesday night


There was an immense turn out, with so many individuals that the Pegasus Ballroom could barely manage to seat them all.


A total of 27 organizations presented including NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists), FACES modeling troupe, Club Kreyol, Knights for Haiti, Chi Upsilon Sigma Sorority and a plethora more.


The evening began with a performance from Rukus dance group. They are a high-energy, hip-hop based dance team on campus. Their charisma was a wonderful way to open up and build the excitement for the next following events.

Proceeding their dance, was a very cherished special guest speaker, Ms. Erica Dunlap. Not only is she a UCF alumna, but she was Miss America in 2004. Her inspirational message was about being focused and intentional to make our opportunities come alive.

“Every day is a beauty pageant, look and act the part,” Dunlap said.

She was not the only eloquent speaker that evening. The slam poetry organization “Project S.P.I.T.” had two of their executive board members recite a poem about colorism and racial discrimination. The touching poems received high praise and lots of snaps.

The bulk of the night was the presentation of the organizations. One by one, the organizations went on stage and described what their organization was all about. Some people gave historical context, their mission statements, and performances to “describe” what they do.

For example, ASO (African Student Organization), Club Kreyol, The Black and Gold Dynasty (step-team), Collision (Caribbean Student Association dance team), Chi Upsilon Sigma, and Sigma Lambda Gamma all performed choreographed dance numbers that had the crowd on their feet. After each presentation, the organization gave information about their upcoming events and the GBM (General Body Meeting) times.

The night closed with a performance by the GCC (Gospel and Cultural Choir) singing the hymnal “Encourage My Soul.” Their harmonic tone, warmed the hearts of the audience. Following the closer, some of the organizations had booths with information about how to be a member, and be how to get on the email list for notifications. All in all, the event was the quintessential balance between informative and entertaining.