Major music label, Universal Music Group, partnered with UCF Campus Activities Board (CAB) to host an exclusive listening party for Bastille‘s new album “Wild World” in the UCF Student Union Cape Florida from 11AM-1PM.

The listening party brought in a fair 5:5 male to female ratio, of UCF Knights aging from mostly 18-24 years old. Many of the Orlando based Bastille fans showed up to the event, some alone, and some with a friend or two of theirs, on their way to or from class within the two hour duration. Media outlets in attendance included Knight News, Her Campus and The Odyssey.

The CAB promoted the event on their socials beforehand to ensure an audience, and as soon as the event began, CAB members stationed themselves around the Union with palm-sized flyers that their graphics team had created and passed them out to various students walking through. Attendees enjoyed the free pins and t-shirts with Bastille’s logo on them and were able to grab a slice of pizza only after they promoted Wild World on their socials. Universal Music Group’s College Marketing Rep, Daniella Risi, created the unique hashtag #BastilleUCF to track all social media posts that were shared about the event. “There is truly nothing like hearing your favorite artists’ music,” Risi exclaimed. While many fans came to the event saying they heard about the event on social media beforehand, others said that they found out about it while passing through the Union, and were thrilled that they happened to be in the right place at the right time and were able to hear the album first.