Back in 2014, The University of Connecticut Head Football Coach Bob Diaco chose to create a rival with the University of Central Florida’s football team, by himself.

The self-made rivalry was named the “Civil Conflict” and even had its own trophy.


The only problem with the rivalry is that UCF just doesn’t seem to care.


After UCF beat UCONN 24-16 on Saturday, the team left the rivalry trophy on the field.


A UConn staff member found the trophy and didn’t know what to do with it, so he decided to just leave it on a bench and shroud it with a towel.

The trophy wasn’t even brought to the UCF post game press conference room.

Disco said last year that he didn’t even reach out to UCF when he created the rivalry in 2014. When former head coach George O’Leary first heard about the rivalry and its trophy he said he, “didn’t know about it” and “it’s hard to be a rival when you’re nine states away,” according to Yahoo Sports.