After several reports of credit card fraud on the main campus have been filed with the University of Central Florida Police Department, the university’s Security Incident Response Team found malware on the computers of which two restaurants students were saying they had visited and had their card information compromised.

AD Foor Services operates Huey Magoos, Asian Chao, and the Corner Café in the student union. They were instructed to stop accepting debit and credit cards after the investigation began in order to strengthen security measures.


Since the findings from UCFPD, many restaurants and businesses have reviewed and improved their information security systems.

UCFPD believes that is now safe to use debit and credit cards on campus.

After Knight News brought the issue to light by asking readers to report whether they were victims, UCF began accepting reports online.

About 10 reports regarding compromised card information were filed with UCF Police and 230 people responded to the public call for help by filling online reports.

The most common restaurants named in those reports were Huey Magoos and Asian Chao, according to UCFPD.

According to UCFPD’s findings, the fraud has not been occurring within university controlled areas such as registering for classes, housing, and financial aid.

Earlier this year, UCF was a victim to a massive data breach in which 63,000 students and employees social security numbers were compromised. UCFPD says these reports of the credit card fraud are unrelated to that cyberattack.

If you believe you have been the victim of credit card fraud at any location on or off campus, you should report the incident to your credit card company immediately.

For the case involving the vendor at UCF, a police report that can be shared with your financial institution is available here.