The University of Central Florida looked like a ghost town this afternoon, as the campus completely shut down in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.

Traffic lights flashed yellow, students were nowhere to be found, and UCF Police cars rolled through the empty campus streets.



This is the first major hurricane to make landfall here in Orlando in over a decade, and the university is putting forward its best efforts to ensure the safety of its faculty and students.


Evacuation orders have been made for Greek Park along with the Libra, Hercules, and Lake Claire dorms. UCF has offered up multiple locations on campus to serve as shelters for those students, and have been working to set the shelters up with matts for student to sleep on as Matthew makes its way to Central Florida over the next two days.

Students have been scrambling in the last couple of hours left before Matthew makes its biggest impact here. Grocery stores have been trying to keep up with the demands of residents, however, supplies run out quickly.

Lines have also been extremely long as students pick up their last few items needed to ride out the storm.

Some students are even hanging up shutters today saying they would rather be safe than sorry.

Matthew is expected to come through the Central Florida area in full effect overnight and on into Friday morning.

Emergency operations crews urge students to not do anything reckless, and to stay inside, as first responders can not be sent out in the storm.