It appears the polarization that gripped the nation during the election will not be ending anytime soon.

Three days after the nation discovered that Donald Trump would be America’s 45th President, disgust still runs rampant through many of his adversaries. Protests have broken out all around the country since the election, occurring every night since the event. Although many of the protests so far have been peaceful, there have been few incidents across the nation where the protestors have turned to violence.


Now, it appears that these protests will hit Orlando.

Two events taking place tonight are expected to gather close to 1,500 people to the area surrounding Lake Eola. The two events were advertised via Facebook and plan to protest President-elect Donald Trump starting at 6 p.m. on Friday.

These protests however are expected to be peaceful, with one of the organizers of the event posting to Facebook “This is not about hate, this is about love for one another.”

The Orlando Police Department has ensured their presence during the events, and stated that they will follow protocol of any rally or demonstration.

So far neither of the groups have applied for a permit for their event, which are required to conduct a demonstration. It is unclear whether or not the Orlando Police will be enforcing that policy.

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