On Monday, a herd bats were found inside the College of Sciences building on UCF’s Campus.

There were numerous signs placed around the building earlier today alerting students of the infestation, which surely would have been an alarming sight to any unwarned student.


“The University of Central Florida campus has been home to bats for years,” Communications Coordinator Rachel Williams told Knight News, “In fact, seven bat houses are set up around campus to encourage a bat population because they are beneficial to the environment, as they eat mosquitos and other pests.”

So far, 50 bats have already been safely removed from the building, and an aerial lift will be utilized to ensure there are no remaining bats near the ceiling. Bat excluders will then be installed in the building to allow bats to exit safely shall any remain.

According to employees on the scene, the Bats became trapped inside the building after repairs being done on the facility blocked off the bats’ exit.