For the first time ever, UCF students will have the opportunity to visit Cuba.

UCF students will now be able to experience a country that was previously blocked off to the United States for over 50 years.


The two programs, Cuba: History & Culture and Journey Cuba, will earn students three credit hours and begin this spring. The eleven and eight day trip programs will be one of the shorter study abroad programs offered by the University.


Cuba’s 90 mile proximity to the coast of Florida and its low cost of living will provide students with a more affordable opportunity to study abroad. The University states that students wishing to participate in the program could do so for less than $4,000. This price would include airfare, visas, course credit, and more.


Previously, a trade embargo between the United States and Cuba that was enacted in 1962 had restricted visitation to the country. But after President Barack Obama’s relaxation of embargo restrictions, students will now have the opportunity to visit the country.

Although studying abroad was not specifically banned during the embargo, restrictions by the two countries’ governments made it extremely difficult. But now students will finally be able to access a country that has been closed off since the Cold War, and learn about a culture that is prevalent in many parts of Florida.

The programs will launch in the spring of 2017. Students interested in going can apply by visiting While the applications were due for Cuba: History & Culture on November 1, student interested in Journey Cuba can apply until November 28.