Peter Dominguez was one of many students who were stricken with panic after events that led to a student being escorted out by police.

“UCFPD earlier this afternoon responded to a classroom reference a call about an individual making disturbing comments,” UCFPD reported to Knight News.


The event took place during the exam of an Organic Chemistry Class. At first members of the class thought the student was simply stressing the test.


“He was kind of gasping for air a little. So we all kind of just looked at each other and just assumed that it was some sort of breakdown,” Dominguez said.


Things escalated from there. and after about five minutes the student began shouting according to Dominguez.

“… he began shouting to himself and sobbing saying stuff like “I DON’T WANT TO RELIVE THIS DAY, I’M GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY!” And people got completely freaked out and started to slowly leave the classroom because he just seemed so unstable,” Dominguez said.

Students were concerned about what would happen to their tests if they left the class in fear for their lives.

The Professor then proceeded to call the police, who arrived and escorted the student out of the building.

According to the UCFPD, no arrest was made.

“Honestly one of the craziest moments I’ve ever experienced,” one student tweeted.

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